Why we built AthleteProgress

Our athletes are our future and we can give them more.

Over the years, I've been fortunate coached ski racing at many levels and to interact with some of the most respected coaches in the sport. We When at practice, I am responsible for 30 athletes and 3 additional coaches. While training, we average 1 athlete in course every 15 - 45 seconds. As such, I dont have time to flinch. If I do, I miss an athlete and they miss the opportunity of sound feedback. If I attempt to write down notes, I'm guaranteed to miss an athlete or two, freeze my hands, and lose otherwise productive time.

This has been and always will be unacceptable. And my problem is not unique, nor is it sport specific. Coaches all over the world face the challenge of limited face time with each athlete they coach. As a technologist, I sought a solution. I couldn't find it, so I built it.

AthleteProgress is designed to facilitate immediate athlete feedback and performance analysis, close the Coach > Athlete > Parent feedback loop, and establish a true record of athlete growth and achievement as they grow within any sport. It will facilitate the ability to identify skills that an athlete needs to improve upon and showcase skills that are strong. It may also help to identify opportunities to group athletes of all ages more strategically with coaches that specialize in varying ranges of skill improvement.

When it comes to value creation for a club or team, the implementation of AthleteProgress could well be the difference between retention and loss of athletes. Currently, the differentiating factor for just about any club in the world is quality and quantity of service. Going forward, AthleteProgress acts as a multiplier for both qualitative and quantitative outcomes, it positions a club to make curriculum development decisions based on real data, and it facilitates more cohesive connections between club administration, coaches, athletes, and parents.

AthleteProgress has been created by a USSA Level 100 coach with 12 years experience, multiple winning seasons, and a State Championship Title.
AthleteProgress is first in class with a comprehensive athlete feedback and analytics platform that is designed for use in any sport, anywhere in the world.

The AthleteProgress Team

Team Member 1

Joe Minock

Joe Minock | Coach, Technologist, Founder

Joe is a veteran entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in eCommerce and scalable web application development. He has consulted with organizations ranging from Remax of Michigan, National Charter Schools Institute, to Boyne Resorts, Sunday River and Sugarloaf Resorts (Maine) in the areas of mobile technology, web development and content management, application development, and technology staffing. In October of 2013, Joe founded PaymentScholar, an activity registration and payment service in the k-12 schools market. He exited PaymentScholar in June of 2015 to explore new opportunities.

When Joe is out of the office, you'll find him on the ski hill. He's been ski racing for almost 20 years, was a division and regional champion, and held all-state honors in high school. He's carried his love and passion for the sport into coaching where he is a USSA Level 100 coach, has 12 years of experience, has lead many winning teams to repeat state championship visits with 1 state championship title, beyond that, he's contributed to many athletes qualifying for USSA JO's. In the fall of 2015, Joe moved to Nederland, Co and assumed the head U14 coaching role at Eldora Mountain Ski Club. Coaching is an important part of his life and something he looks forward to doing for a very long time.

The AthleteProgress Advisory Team

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Jason Rosener

Jason Rosener | Olympian, Coach, and Managing Director at United Capital Financial Advisors

At age 11, Jason Rosener began alpine skiing and won his first Junior Olympic gold medal. By 1993, Rosener was named to the U.S. Ski Team, and won the bronze medal in Downhill at the World Junior Championships in 1994. A few short year later, he was named to the 1997 Alpine World Ski Championship team, finishing fifth in the downhill portion of the combined competition. In 1998, his dream of representing his country came true when named Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, where he finished 15th in Downhill.

Many thought this was only the beginning of Rosener’s Olympic career. However, degenerative back problems led to an early retirement. “I was a rising star, but my body charted a different path for me,” he explained. “I still believe that if my injury had not shortened my career, I could have been one of the best.”

Rosener began to shift his focus to life after skiing. After competing in the 1998 Olympic Games, he was offered an internship with Charles Schwab and accepted. “I didn’t know it at the time, but this opportunity was my new career in the making,” he said. “I found my calling in financial services.” He currently serves as managing director at United, one of the largest wealth management firms in the U.S. currently managing over $2 billion in client assets.

When Jason is out of the office, you will find him sharing his knowledge and passion for the sport of ski racing with the U14 athletes of Team Summit in Summit County, Co.

Team Member 1

Mark Shalinsky

Mark Shalinsky | Coach, PH.D, Sales Operations and Growth Specialist

Mark has a decade working in start-ups helping them through their explosive growth stages. Mark left Harvard where he was an a PhD level researcher to join the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE.com), the first and only PubMed-indexed scientific journal. While at JoVE.com Mark applied the scientific mehod to becoming an effective at sales and marketing executive. Following his tenure at JoVE.com Mark moved to Duo Security, a SaaS IT Security company as the first sales full-time sales hire. Mark helped grow the small company from 7 people to over 200 with offices all over the world. After three years at Duo, Mark moved to MuvData, another SaaS company that solves the problem all companies have, integrating and managing data between their business applications.

When not hustling, Mark can be found practicing his passion, grappling. At 16 he stepped on to the mat at The Montreal Wrestling Club, an Olympic training center where his training partners were world and Olympic champions. For two decades he competed across Canada, US, Eastern Europe, and twice at the Maccabiah Games in Israel. When Mark retired from wrestling and started and continues to train and coach in Sambo, Judo, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

— Henry Ford